The Crypto Leasing Club platform provides private investors with the opportunity to the leasing of mining equipment in automatic mode. All investments are secured liquid mining equipment, which after becoming a contract becomes property company Smart Technologies.

Smart Technologies was registered in the UK in 2015.

This is a joint project of Chinese and Russian investors aimed on the extraction of profit from the mining of crypto-currencies and sales of mining equipment in the territory of Russia and CIS countries.


The business model that we created allows us to increase the profitability of mining and bring guaranteed income to investors. We are constantly increasing the capacity of our mining farms due to the "inflow" new equipment that pays for itself in the process of work, and investors receive a stable income with a guaranteed interest rate on contracts and daily profit.


Launch of Crypto Leasing Club enabled Smart Technologies to increase profitability Mining, as well as significantly increase trade turnover.

the main activities of the company:
Mining Crypto-Currency

Smart Technologies owns 2 large mining farms, located in China, as well as one of the largest Russian farms in the Irkutsk region.

Sale of equipment

Contracts directly with the manufacturers allow us to purchase the mining equipment at exclusive prices and sell it for the Russian market.

Trading crypto-currency

A team of experienced traders manages part of the company's crypto currency, investing in various altcoyins and selling it at profitable rates.

Development of IT-systems

Smart Technologies development department is constantly working on creating and optimizing systems of monitoring and management of mining equipment.