Smart Technologies pays great attention to protecting the personal information of users and ensuring the stable operation of the Crypto Leasing Club platform:
Personal information of users is strictly confidential and not subject to distribution. We guarantee that your data is secure and will not be passed on to third parties.
As part of providing data protection when making payments, SSL is used, which allows secure connection and encryption of transmitted data.
We do not save on our servers the data of the payment systems used by the customer for making payments.
We guarantee the stable operation of the site thanks to reliable protection against hacking and DDOS attacks.
Each participant for his part is also obliged to take all necessary security measures for his personal account, namely:
  • Do not transfer your login, password and other personal information to third parties;
  • our password does not have to match your login on the site;
  • Use complex passwords (numbers, letters, special characters);
  • Do not follow links in letters from questionable addressees;
  • Use antivirus programs.